We are glad that you have navigated your way to our page. It is now our hope that we can assist you in navigating your way to love and serve others. The 5:14 Initiative is a non-profit that seeks to distribute the resources of time and money through bringing advocacy care to orphans and refugee families. Our name comes from a compelling passage in the Bible that says: “All of the laws and prophets can be summed up with one command, ‘love your neighbor as yourself.'” Our volunteers are seeking to do just that. We invite you to investigate our opportunities and let us know on our “contact us” page if we can further assist you in your journey.

2014-11-03 15.04.13Biggest Need: On March 10th, we will complete one of the greatest chapters in our small non-profit story. After five years of separation, we will reunite two sons with their mom and dad in Greensboro, NC. They were separated because of war and were found two years ago. We became involved at that time and have supported them financially, and have sent Jimmy Renslow to visit them several times in Uganda. We are honored to play a part in their story (read about it here), but this has swallowed a great deal of our financial resources for 2015 as we will be covering their expenses home as well. If you are compelled to play a part of their story by giving financially, please use the “donate” button. Thank you in advance from their entire family of eight.

Curious or concerned about the worldwide refugee crisis? Educate yourself and join the conversation with a screening of the documentary Salam Neighbor Friday, February 6, 2016 at Guilford College’s Dana Auditorium. Promoted by Church World Service and Guilford College’s Every Campus a Refuge, this event will feature a Q&A with the filmmakers and a virtual reality exhibit. Click here for more details!

Tugg - SALAM NEIGHBOR I Greensboro, NC Premiere + Filmmaker Q&A + Virtual Reality Exhibit in Greensboro, NC on Friday, February 05,  6:00PM

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