Orphan Care

At the very core of The 5:14 Initiative is loving our neighbors. Like many others before us, we ask the same question asked for centuries: “Who is my neighbor?” We have concluded that we, as a non-profit, are to focus our efforts in two places: Refugee Care in Greensboro, N.C. and serving and funding trusted ministries in East Africa. Orphan care is a clear command for followers of Jesus in James 1:27, and refugees are a people who have been displaced, suffered much, and are strangers and aliens in a strange land. Also, Jesus himself was a refugee in Egypt. We are further compelled by a passage in the Bible that concludes: “Whenever you do it unto the least of these, you do it to me.”

Our Ministry Partners:

Good Shepherd’s Fold Orphanage and Babies Home: Jinja, Uganda: We are proud to be ministry partners with this oasis in the Pearl of Africa (Jinja). We support various projects from year to year and share our funds with them, so that they can care for hundreds of orphans and be a light in their community. Please check out this link to read about their work.

Jinja Pregnancy Care Center: We are blessed to be a significant donor for this ministry in Uganda. We have seen the impact they are making in saving lives and sharing the love of God as they serve moms and children every day. We are proud to be linked arm and arm with their work.

Jacobsen Micro-Financing in Jinja: We distribute our resources only to organizations and people in which we have a like minded ministry model. This ministry seeks to help young men and women get a hand up in their culture and not just a hand out. We are compelled to share our financial resources with them so that they can make a lasting difference in Jinja. They do so by helping those with little hope find hope, through job creation. Many of these young men and women have graduated our of orphanages and have no other support.

Moucecore in Kigali, Rwanda

We partner with this non-profit because they have their pulse upon the greatest needs in Rwanda and have a trusted and proven staff to help us best serve in Rwanda.

Uganda Adoption Families





Adoption Archive: Just a few of the blogs from some of the people we have helped to adopt from Uganda:

Adoption News found on the web:

  • The Renslow family was featured in our local newspaper. Click Renslow article to see that story.
  • In addition, they were featured on the ABBA Fund Blog – that can be found here.