About us

We are a recognized NGO from the United States who seeks to live out the simple Christian ethos that is found in Galatians 5:14: "the whole law is fulfilled in one command, 'love your neighbor as yourself.'" This love is not just inspirational, not just motivational, but we have found it to be transformational.  Specifically, we place ourselves in pathways to intersect refugees from around the world who may need a friend, an interpreter of their new culture, and an advocate.

Origin Story: Our non-profit was originally birthed from the missions program of a small church plant. However, after a few years it became apparent that our desire was less about church planting and more narrowly focussed upon those with little hope.  

Development of The 5:14 Initiative: In 2009, we began focussing our time and resources locally to serve the robust refugee community within our city. Globally, we began working with churches in Uganda to serve those within their villages. In 2013, we made the move to become a full-time non-profit and in 2014, we were able to expand our reach to neighboring Rwanda. In 2018, we opened an office in Berlin, Germany where we operated for four years to help serve the Syrian refugees.

Next Chapters: Since 2023, we have continued to serve in North Carolina, Uganda, Rwanda, and in Poland where we are leasing a house for Ukrainian refugees. We always work with local leaders and seek to support their vision for what their communities need. In Greensboro, we are working hard to make an impact in our housing crisis by networking to find affordable and decent housing for refugees. We are currently seeking to purchase homes so that we can rent them to refugees at a fair price in a different zip code from the quadrants of the city where refugees are placed.