Through our partnership with The 5:14 Initiative, Good Shepherd’s Fold is further equipped and positioned to respond to urgent needs.  Presence is a huge part of relief – being there when and where hurting people are in need is part of our calling.  In rural Uganda where the needs are great, our partnership with the 5:14 Initiative enables us to be present and be ready. This was never more true than during the global pandemic. Their contributions enabled us to feed thousands of hungry people surrounding us. Mark, Good Shepherd's Fold, Uganda

Our partnership with The 5:14 Initiative has empowered us to reach approximately 300 individuals trapped in Berlin's sex industry this year - instilling confidence, encouraging positive steps, and seeing life transformation through consistent care and support. Thank you for making our work possible! - Alabaster Jar-Berlin

I support the 514 Initiative because as a Jesus follower, I believe it is essential to come alongside those in need and in places of great vulnerability. As I myself am a working mom dealing daily with the needs closest to my home, giving financially to the 514 Initiative is an extremely sound and simple way for me to participate in the bigger picture, and put my money where my mouth is. I believe in their work and ability to know what is needed, and by whom and where. - Jamie B, Burlington, NC


I appreciate The 5:14 Initiative because of the love they have shown me continuously from the day I met them until now. Our community has been helped by immensely through The 5:14 initiative by financial support, great advise, community integration, opening churches, and even helping us to own homes.

In my own experience, I have felt the love from The 5:14 initiative before I arrived in the US. I was a refugee in Uganda and was losing hope that I would be able to find my parents and be able to live with my family again, after we were separated by war for a many years. However, The 5:14 initiative reached out to my brother and I and helped us through the complicated immigration process until we were finally reunited with our family who were living in the U.S.  I am now a proud US citizen and in college. -Fiston, once a refugee

The love and support shown to us by Jimmy Renslow and the board of directors of the 5:14 Initiative enabled Caron and me to not only venture out as missionaries to Honduras, Guinea and Kenya, but helped sustain us spiritually and emotionally during that time. - Michael, Greensboro, NC

The support of and partnership with the 514 Initiative allows Greensboro’s refugee and immigrant neighbors to access needed services and support their journeys towards self-sufficiency and integration into our community. With their help over 700 of our new neighbors each year are provided with English Language Classes, Cultural Orientation, Vocational Education Classes, Vocational Skills Training, Skills Recertification, Daycare, Transportation, Health Literacy Classes, Case Management and Assistance for School Aged Children and their Families. The 514 Initiative follow’s Paul words in James 2:26 “As the body without the spirit is dead, so faith without deeds is dead”. The 514 Initiative acts upon their faith and in turn has positively impacted thousands of lives. - Leilani Roughton, New Arrivals Institute, Greensboro

I love this ministry and believe in their mission. The 514i lives out the gospel and loves those often overlooked in our world. With unusual resolve, humility, and dedication they move beyond tweets, posts, and pictures to action born out of compassion rooted in the gospel. While providing for practical, material needs, they build relationships and, in so doing, they minister to the soul. This organization is about making a difference by bringing the light of Jesus to dark places. And, I proudly support them. Adam, Forest, VA.

We appreciate 5.14 because they walk with you in ministry and are ready to assist and counsel. Because of their ministry experience and knowledge, we feel free to present ideas and issues. They are boots on the ground with you! - Carolyn, Uganda

Wherever Jimmy and Gayla go they make Jesus present to those around them.  We experienced that through their ministry in the past, and now it is our joy to support their ministry in Berlin! Stephanie and Hunter, Vero Beach, Florida

My husband and I support the 5:14 Initiative because we see the fruit of the obedience of the Renslow family to go where God is calling them to go and to do what He is asking them to do! At great personal sacrifice, the Renslows daily walk out what it means to live a missional life. Orphans are fed, clothed and discipled; those far from God are befriended and loved into the Kingdom; and refugees are helped through physical and spiritual blessings. The 5:14 Initiative is a wonderful example of “being the hands and feet of Jesus in this dark and troubled world!" - Jenny, New Wineskins Missionary Network

I support the 5:14 Initiative because I believe their work is deeply meaningful.  Each one of their initiatives is serving individuals and families in life-giving ways by meeting both physical and spiritual needs. Kait, Greensboro, NC

I believe that people are the mission of God, and therefore we should support our brothers and sisters in Christ to do his mission. - Stewart, Greensboro, NC

I support the 5:14 Initiative because The Renslow family are true believers who do God's work here and Throughout the world. My personal experience with Jimmy has allowed me to witness how he is a powerful mentor to young people. I was so fortunate to have seen his influence on my own son and daughter in law who learned the truth of God's word through his care and nurturing. - Connie, Greensboro, NC

We support 5:14 because we support Jimmy and Gayla. In some of our darkest moments, they showed up with honesty, love, reality, and hearts that listened, and we know that's what they bring to their work in 5:14. It's a privilege to be a small part of supporting them as they share this same love of Jesus with others. - Dan and Melissa, Greensboro, NC

It brings our family great joy to know that we have the privilege of being a small part of the gospel work being accomplished (worldwide!) through the 5:14 Initiative.  Because it is a small, personal organization and because we know the hearts of the people involved, we know that the money we send is having a direct impact on their ability to support, encourage, and provide help to the poor, the oppressed, the vulnerable.  With the 5:14 Initiative, I feel less like a donor and more like a respected partner.  And I feel confident that the individuals being helped by the 5:14 Initiative feel less like charity causes and more like respected friends. - Rob and Shelley, Greensboro, NC

I grew up in a poor family so I know what it's like to lack necessities, struggle,and be hungry. Giving brings joy to my heart because now I can give back to others in need. Brenda, Berlin, Germany

We support the 5:14 Initiative because of their great concern for people living on the margins of society. They are great advocates for the least of these in much the same way Jesus was and how He instructed us to live. - Bob, Uganda

Because of our partnership with The 5:14 Initiative we were able to facilitate adult orphans to purchase land (which is extremely important in this culture), and others to start businesses with interest free loans. Because of the covid pandemic more people are in need and we were able to expand our help at JPCC to over fifty mothers with their children and it enabled us to help many others who found themselves in desperate situations by helping with rent, medical bills, and food. - Jacobsens Microfinancing Ministry, Jinja, Uganda

We are very thankful for the partnership of 5:14 Initiative to our ministry. We have taken a number of refugees in that were living in refugee containers before and had no way of getting into normal living conditions. The 5:14 Initiative financial help came at a very critical time and helped us to continue with our ministry. Thank you so much again for your help. Jonathan and Sarah Reichert, directors of JUMP e.V., Berlin, Germany

The 5:14 Initiative centers on loving others, building community, and spreading the love of Christ to everyone they encounter. They are living out the greatest commandment to love God and love others. It has been a blessing to watch their mission unfold in Berlin! - Houston, Greensboro, NC