Deeply rooted in East Africa

Showing initiative since 2009

Buikwe, Uganda: Our long history with Good Shepherd's Fold Orphanage and Babies Home includes installing solar hot water, funding a home for infants, supporting their adoption ministry, and providing pastoral care. We have devoted many years of funding to these precious children.

Jinja, Uganda: We support the work of Bob Jacobsen who provides small loans for young graduates from Good Shepherd's Fold and other qualified participants in Jinja. These no interest loans are used to give the borrower a chance of fulfilling their dream of owning their own business.

Jinja, Uganda: We are proud to be partners with the Jinja Pregnancy Care Center in Uganda. This is the only center like it in the country. Here women and their children can get the medical attention, love and support they need during an incredibly vulnerable and challenging time in their lives. 

Karangazi, Rwanda: We have partnered with the Anglican Church and an NGO by the name of Moucecore to serve in this remote parish. All of our services and work is administered through the local church and come by way of relationships. This work is both sustainable and empowering.