The 5:14 Initiative

Greensboro Refugee Housing Initiative Network of Home-Owners Information Sheet


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Our initiative targets refugees who have established themselves in our local community. We will walk them seeking to equip them to be outstanding home care takers and future home-owners. It is imperative that we partner with people who share this vision and have the same goals for these tenants. Furthermore, we are seeking landlords who share our values of human dignity and kindness towards our participants.
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Our initiative helps clients prepare themselves for home ownership. However, this is not a requirement to join our network.
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This network is by affiliation only. You are not paying for any service. You are not being asked to pay any fees; such as, finders fees. You are not being asked, nor expected, to give donations to any 501C-3 in return for joining our network. You are voluntarily joining this network because you believe in the mission and desire to help refugees and legal immigrants improve their living situation. Furthermore, you understand that this initiative only provides candidates and you are free to choose them or not choose them. It is your responsibility to remain in accordance with all applicable Local, State, and Federal Real Estate laws, rules, and regulations.
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I allow The 5:14 Initiative to collect and store the submitted data for the purposes of applying to be accepted into the Greensboro Refugee Housing Initiative. This information is expressly forbidden to be shared with any person or party outside of the relevant record keeping of The 5:14 Initiative.
I have read and understand the following statements.(1)This is an initiative (program) for refugees and legal immigrants and is administered through the registered non-profit, The 5:14 Initiative, hereafter also called The 5:14i. This initiative is within the scope of the outlined objectives of the organization. (2)The 5:14i does not function as a real-estate broker and has no say in the lease agreements. The 5:14i supplies agreeable landlords with candidates from which to choose and is not financially supplemented in any way. The individual landlords and The 5:14i have no formal written agreements (outside of this application process) and therefore each landlord may or may not choose to accept tenants from this initiative. The role of The 5:14i is to train refugees and immigrants to become excellent tenants and future home-owners. (3)The 5:14i accepts no responsibility, and can not be held accountable for, the actions of those we refer to the landlord. The 5:14i will not co-sign or be listed anywhere on any lease.
I understand that The 5:14 Initiative will only recommend participants of The Greensboro Refugee Housing Initiative to landlords who comply with all local, state, and national fair housing practices and are known to be ethical and trustworthy property owners.
I understand by typing my name that everything I have stated and the information is true and accurate to the very best of my knowledge. Furthermore, I understand that my signature is my agreement for my property to voluntarily be considered for this program. I acknowledge that I can end this agreement at any time and that there is no legal agreement herein.