Why Berlin?

The Historic Need:

There are more displaced people in the world today than at any other time in the history of our planet. The primary reason we chose Berlin is because this is where refugees desire to be. Therefore, this is where we want to be. The numbers are staggering. Berlin has been flooded with desperate people fleeing atrocities that they will carry with them for the rest of their lives. War, famine, violence, and persecution are the narratives told by countless refugees who are simply seeking safety in and around Berlin. Our non-profit spent one year researching and discerning the best place to respond to this historic crisis and were compelled to move our Executive Director and his family to Berlin in 2018 to begin serving the refugee population as we have done in North Carolina and in Africa. Berlin will be a launching point for us to bring teams to pour out love and hope to the millions of refugees who have made the perilous journey to Europe over the past few years.


Our Hope:

Our plan is to open up a 5:14 outpost in Berlin to serve as a base camp for people to come serve in Berlin and throughout Europe. Our first phase will be to move our Executive Director, and his family, to Berlin in June of 2018, to begin planting this work. We hope to invest primarily into the refugee community and help them navigate this difficult time with the good news of the gospel and our advocacy care. Many will return to their countries of origin after a time in Berlin. We hope that these individuals will return home with their lives being changed by the light and hope that Jesus offers.  

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